Friday, September 22, 2017

Just A Quick Reminder

Just a quick reminder...
you can still get my newest products and save a lot

6 Pack + FWP
$1.00 individual  packs

Purchase the 6 pack and get the add on mini for FREE plus the Sept. FWP (Sweet) mini. Offer till Sept. 22 only



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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

This Journey Called Life, $1.00 Each + FWP + Freebie

Hi to all

 The September Pickle Barrel is now open. 
Here are my new products.
This Journey Called Life
$1.00 each pack, purchase the 6 pack and get the 
lovely add on mini kit for FREE
from September 15 to 22 only
at Pickleberrypop 

Also if you purchase the 6 pack from Sept 15 to 22 you will get my Sept. FWP offer "Sweet Mini Kit" for FREE



by Lorie

by scrapbxl (PBP CT)

by scrapdolly (PBP CT)

by zanthia (PBP CT)

by oldenmeade (PBP CT)


 download here

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

September FWP Offer, $2.00 Mini + Freebie

Hi to all :)
I made a cute FWP mini kit for the month of September. 
Just spend $5.00 in my shop and you will receive this mini for FREE
special offer till September 30 at Pickleberrypop

I have also a new product in store (re-released) 
called Precious Mini Kit, 
$2.00 only (limited time)
I offered this as Dec. 2016 FWP, 
here's your chance to grab this cute mini.
And lastly, I made a freebie coordinated with my Sept. FWP mini. Feel free to download it if you like it.

$2.00 till September 16


download here

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Carefree Bundle/Collection 40% OFF, Coupon + Freebie

Hello everyone.
I you missed the August Pickle Barre, here's your chance to get my newest products and still save a lot.
Thank you very much for purchasing my new products

Individual packs 30% OFF, Bundle 40% OFF and I also have a special coupon code, additional 10% OFF just use the code before you checkout. Code till Aug. 23 only

Carefree Bundle / Collection
FREE add on mini kit
40% OFF till Aug. 27, 2017

Carefree Kit
30% OFF

Carefree Mini Kit
30% OFF

additional 10% OFF for Carefree Products
expiration date till Aug. 23 only

A kind customer sent me an e-mail and informed me about the misspelled wordart from my "All Around Mini Kit". (Thanks again)
I already modified and you can download and include this in your collection.

corrected wordart for "Around The World Mini Kit"


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Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Quick Reminder, Carefree, $1.00, 6 Pack + FWP

Hello to all
Just a quick reminder, you can still grab my newest 
products and save a lot.
$1.00 individual packs, purchase the 6 pack and get 
the lovely mini kit for FREE

note : I added a .PNG and .PAGE formats in Carefree sketch template pack, I'll be sending e-mail to those 
who purchased the templates and 6 pack
Thanks a lot

Have a great day

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Carefree $1.00 each, 6 Pack + FWP & Freebie

Hi everyone
August Pickle Barrel is now open.
New products in store, "Carefree", $1.00 individual packs,  
$6.00 - 6 packs plus FWP (Free mini kit)
check out my new freebie below

Buy "Carefree 6 Packs" and get the add on mini kit for FREE


by Lorie

by Julie (PBP CT)

Pickle Barrel Bonus Templates

LorieM Designs August Special Offer


download here

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