Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kid's Zone

Nephew and niece playing along with my daughter in subdivisions playground. They really had a great time.

Sample layout using my PLAY GAMES MINI KIT

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Playtime with Computer

My daughter enjoy playing along with computer for children in Robinson Star Mill, Pampanga.

Credits :
Little Rascal kit by Danielle Corbitt
Alpha notepaper by Misty Cato

Thursday, September 27, 2007


You can purchase the complete kit in SDK STORE

Here's another FREEBIE KIT for all...

Submit a layout using this fun scrapbook kit and you'll be receiving


Requirements : Use additional 2 elements of your choice


Cool and splashing layout by Aiza Azril using the COOL COLORS MINI KIT.

Aiza Azril blogsite layout

Thanks a lot!

A very cute layout from the sweet smile.

poohgirlmd blogsite layout

Thanks a lot!

A wonderful layout from Armina

Layout from Arizona Rose Lady


Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Visit SDK Store and grab this wonderful FREEBIES for the month of SEPTEMBER

Quick Page from Kids Fun Mini Kit

Here's a sample Quickpage from Kids Fun Mini Kit
Download here (png file of QP)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Orange Collection MiniKit

A vibrant color combination for happy scrapbook pages
You can purchase this kit in
Product preview in store: LorieM Designs click this link

Sunday, September 23, 2007


To all who downloaded my free kits and embelishments...for appreciating my designs. Thank you very much. And for leaving wonderful comments...Thank you again.

Here are some links for those who used my new designs

Paige - using the choco & beige mini kit in her blog logo

Denise - using the choco & beige mini kit

Gwacie - using the choco & beige mini kit for her wonderful layout.

Thanks again...Happy scrapping!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


A bright and colorful combination for kids scrapbooks (12x12 size)
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Thursday, September 20, 2007

FREEBIE TIME - For 'D Boys Mini Kit

Mini kit for the boys

The pack contains : 2 papers, 2 circle frame, 2 paper stars & 2 tags

Green Collection Mini Kit Layout

-Sample layout using Green Collection Mini Kit-
additional credit : stitches by Vendula Sediva

CHEESE PEACE by mygirlinterrupted

Simple but cute layout

Thanks for using my Freebie Sampler for GreenCollection Mini Kit

Play Games Mini Kit

Scrapbook kit for boys
You can purchase this kit in

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Green Collection Sampler

Green Collection Mini Kit Sampler
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Green Collection Mini Kit

A refreshing combinations of green colors for digital scrapbook pages

The pack contains:
2 fiber papers, 2 crumpled papers, 3 crumpled flowers
2 frames, 2 transparent journal notes, 1 fastener,
1 transparent tag & 1 metal decor

You can purchase this kit in

Product store preview : LorieM Designs

FREEBIE TIME - Choco & Peach Mini Kit

Choco & Peach Mini Kit
2 papers , 1 ribbon & 1 notecard with ribbon & flower embelishment

Download here

What do you think about this mini kit combination?

Here's a sample QUICKPAGE for this kit

Monday, September 17, 2007

Mother's Love Mini Kit

MOTHER'S LOVE MINI KIT - Lovely combination of colors.

The pack contains:
6 papers 12x12, 300dpi in jpeg format
1 paper frame
1 frame with ribbon and flower embelishment
3 buttons
3 paper flowers
2 ricrac ribbons
2 pins
2 wordart strips
1 wordart sticker

You can purchase this lovely kit in

Product preview in store : LorieM Designs (click this link)

Mother's Love Mini Kit Sampler

Download here + bonus paper

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Our Bundle of Joy

Here's a layout using the bundle of Joy Mini Kit. Photo of my baby while sleeping in my arms.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bundle of Joy Mini Kit

Bundle of Joy Mini Kit - Light color paper with matching cute embelishments, great for little boy and girl scrapbook pages.

The pack contains:
6 papers 12x12 - 300dpi, jpeg format
3 paper photo frames
3 ribbon flowers
2 babyfeet pins
2 round fastener
2 prongs
1 babyfeet paper clip
1 tag

You can purchase the whole kit in
Here's my mini kit sampler

Download here + Bonus wordart sticker
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Thanks a lot! Happy Scrapping!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Sweet Life Mini Kit

Sweet Life Mini Kit - Soft colors with feminine embelishments.

The pack contains:
6 papers 3600x3600 pixels, 300dpi, in jpeg format
3 ribbons
3 paper frames
3 eyecandy buttons
2 flower pins
2 paper clips
1 flower decor

You can purchase this kit in

Product Preview in store :


Download here

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Afternoon Flower Bloom Mini Kit

Here's another mini kit

Afternoon Flower Bloom Mini Kit...the pack contains 6 papers, 3 frames, 1 printed flower, 2 flower page pebbles, 2 flower pins, 2 clips, 1 brad, 1 notecard and 1 silver flower decor. size 12x12 - 300dpi - capacity 9.4MB



Using the mini kit plus circle stitch and swirly brush

Here's my mini kit sampler

Download here The pack contains 1 fiber paper, 1 notecard & 2 paperclips

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My First Mini Kit for SDK


* From the color scheme given by the designer for the Supa Digi Kit for the month of September. I really had fun doing this kit.

The pack contains: 6 textured papers, 3 tags, 1 ricrac ribbon and a frame with embedded wordart. For 8x8 scrapbook page, 300dpi. Capacity: 6.56MB

My Cute Logo Doll

Thanks to PEACHMAKER for the wonderful and cute dolls in their site. Please visit their site if you want to have your own doll.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Official Date of Becoming a Digiscrap Designer

September 7, 2007, official date of being a Designer in SDK - SCRAPPINDIGICKREATIONS ONLINE SCRAPBOOK STORE.

*Thanks to SammyD for giving me a chance to become an official Designer in SDK.

*They have friendly designers in the online store.

*And lots of digital scrapbook products

*Visit the site and become a member
*Share your scrapbook layout in the gallery


LorieM Designs Products site :

Our Cute Daughter

Design credits:
press flowers by Sweet Moon Graphics
frames by sunscrap designs
Alphas by Misty Cato designs
tab by ksharonkdesigns
stitch by korib
sunflower fiber paper by lsmdigitalworks (me)
quote by two peas in the bucket

Laugh Everyday

Design credits:
stitched mat & paper by Shabby Princess
wordart by Ronna Penner
quotation from two peas in the bucket
frames by sunsscrap
tag & journaling by ksharonkdesigns
flower by lsmdigitalworks (me)

My Little Lady

Design credits:
paper & ribbons by Katrina of faith42love
deco border by janosch designs
frame by lsmdigitalworks (me)
sticker wordart by lsmdigitalwroks (me)
tag & charm by lsmdigitalworks (me)

Beautiful Memories

Design credits:
bentframe by FernLili's Digital Designs
deco border by janosch designs
wordart ribbon by lsmdigitalworks (me)
fabric paper by lsmdigitalworks (me)

Happy Child

Design credits:
stampframe by Sunstream Designs
wordart sticker by pillowscrap
fabric patches by lsmdigitalworks (me)

Flower Girl - Margarette

Design Credits
felt flower by Jantina
ribbon by mooncatcher
frame by lsmdigitalworks (me)
paper by lsmdigitalworks (me)

Sunday Recipe_01

Design credits:
Express yourself kitPage set, elements
& backgrounds by Ronna Penner

Cocofest 2007 San Pablo City

Design credits:
theme kit by ksharonkAna
ribbon by Mara, Bina, Bianca Guimarães,
Gláucia Oliveira e Pri Salles designs
bent frame by FernLili's Digital Designs

A Child's Eyes

Design credits:
Misc. Inspiration - Two Peas in the bucket
paper 1 - SCARLETHEELSmedia
stiches - Vendula Sediva
flowers - Anita Designs (nanas-attic)
flower overlay -Anita Designs

A Promise to Keep

One of our favorite engagement shot.
Design credits:
Flower embelish by MyriamMsilver
pin by lsmdigitalworksdigital (me)
paper by lsmdigitalworks (me)
vellum by lsmdigitalworks (me)

All About Me...

All About Me...
I love my life & my inspiration

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New BLOG name...

From ,
This is my new blogspot url

I'll still make some scrapbook layouts and freebies to all.