Sunday, May 30, 2010

Second Sneak Peek :)

Hi everyone :)
It's getting cold here in our place. Hard to get up in the morning :)
I've been very busy with my daughter's activities in school and also with designing. Here's my 2nd sneak peek :) I've been preparing also with the new store opening. And happy to tell that there is already a winner on my "guess the new store game" I will soon announce the winner.

I'm still modifying blog, so sorry for the unorganized orientation of some words here. Also, I removed my "MESSAGE BOX", It so sad that some people don't know how to follow some simple instructions. :( I'm just requesting not to flood the message box with their advertisements that are not related in digital scrapbooks.

The month of June will be very exciting for me, please don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter, be a blog follower or be a facebook fan/friend to receive updates, announcements, sales, discount and freebies from me.

I'll be picking two (2) newsletter subscriber on June to win $5.00 coupon from my collections. (digital kits)

Have a great Sunday to all!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sneak Peek, $1.00 Pixel Day & a CU FREEBIE :)

Happy Tuesday :)
It's $1.00 Pixel Day again at Gottapixel, I have 2 new commercial use products in store and they are on sale :)
$1.00 today only
I also have great news, I'll be having a new store soon and here's my new Sneak Peek want to guess? you can win a prize :) the 1st one who will get the right store will win $5.00 coupon from my collections (digital kits)
I also have a new sneak peek, I have two more this week. Watch out for it. I've been busy designing.
...available soon...



21 pcs. handrawn wordarts, plus 21 pcs. with drop shadows
300dpi in Png format, big size

DOODLES COLLECTION 25 (Mix shapes & doodles)

8 pcs. samples included
Additional $1.00 Pixel Items

Sketch Templates Collection 13

In My Heart Overlays
Congratulations to Melissa! You'll get the complete set of Handrawn Wordarts Collection 2. Thanks for suggesting this theme :)

Please kindly e-mail me at, please include a link to your blog or scrapbook online galleries.

Still open for suggestions, If I pick your theme you'll get the final set for FREE.
Thanks to all who joined and gave their suggestions, your theme might be the next one :)


download here

I hope you like my CU freebie :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and downloading my freebies.

Got find time to relax today, I attended a school event and watched my little daughter sing, dance & play in school. :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

30% OFF CU Items & Special Coupon

Happy Thursday to everyone :)

Firstly, I want to give thanks to all who suggested a wordart theme for my next set. I love all of them! Still open for suggestions :)
Thank you very very much!
How I wish I have extra time to make a set in each theme. And I'm very glad that you like my new CU handrawn wordarts.
But for sure you'll see another set next week :)

I hope you like my new blog look, finally had time to modify in the middle of busy schedule :) Still changing & adding some things. I really want to have a simple but fresher look, want to show also some photos I took in the beach. (blog header) I'm a frustrated photographer in heart :) I might change the photos from time to time. I also want to add some of my scrapbook layouts as slideshow in the side bar or just my latest page. By the way, you can find my stores links under the header of my blog :)

If you missed the chance of getting my 2 new CU products, here's your chance to grab them at Pickleberrypop. Sale 30% OFF till May 23, 2010


Patterned Overlays Collection 11 (CU)

4 - 3 layered patterned overlays, 12 x 12, 300dpi in PSD format + 4pcs. in PNG format
Handrawn Wordart Collection 1 (PU/S4H & CU)
handrawn and scanned by me, 300dpi in PNG format

I also have a special coupon for Girlfriends Kit, use the code to get the kit 40% OFF till May 23, 2010 @ PBP

And don't forget all my products are 40% OFF at Scrappindigikreations, I'm in the Designers Spotlight for the month of May.
Updates with me, I'm currently finishing 2 new kits, sneak peeks will be available next week. Subscribe to my newsletter, be a blog follower or be a facebook fan & friend to receive announcements, updates, discounts & freebies
Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blog modification :)

Hi everyone, sorry for the mess.
I'm currently learning how to edit my new blog settings. :)

Thank you for visiting my blog :)

New COMMERCIAL USE Products $1.00 & a CU FREEBIE!

It's Tuesday again :)
I have 2 new commercial use products in store
They are on sale $1.00 today only...don't miss the chance :)

New Commercial Use Products

Patterned Overlay Collection 11
4 - 12 x 12 patterned overlays in PSD format (3 layers each file)
4 - 12 x 12 patterned overlays in PNG format

*just add your favorite texture papers, easy to recolor, play with the blending modes to achieve best result**

New Commercial Use Product

Handrawn Wordarts Collection 1 (PU/CU & S4H)

add personal touch in your scrapbook pages with these handrawn wordarts. Personal, S4H & Commercial Use. The pack contains 14 handrawn wordarts, 300dpi in PNG format. Big size for easy resizing. Additional 14 PNG format with drop shadows.

handrawn and scanned by me :)

Additional $1.00 Commercial Use Items

Sketch Template Collection 11 (PU/CU & S4H)

Doodle Collection 14 (CU)


download here


Thanks for visiting my blog, you can suggest a wordart theme and if I pick your entry you'll receive the final PU/CU set for FREE.

You can post your suggestions in the comment area

Have a great day :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Special Day Bundle 30% OFF & a FREEBIE!

Hi everyone, Special Day Kit is now available at PBP, you can get the full kit, paper pack, element, cluster overlays & the Sketch template collection 17 individually, they are 20% OFF

or get the Special Day Bundle with a Bonus gift of 4 pcs. 5 x 7 bragbooks
30% OFF till May 19, 2010

Special Day Papers
iPhone Wallpaper Freebie 2

download here

I've been happy with the total of downloads on my 1st iPhone wallpaper freebie that's why I made this second from the Special Day Kit.

I'm glad you like this kind of freebie.

Updates on me...I'm still busy doing new kits, CU items & templates. I'll be sharing a good news soon :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Last Day of GGI Event & $1.00 Pixel Day

Happy Tuesday to everyone :)
Last day sale of Special Day Collection and Sketch Template Collection 17 at Gottapixel.

Don't miss the chance!
click this link or the image

These products will be available soon in my other stores.
It's Tuesday and It's $1.00 Pixel Day at GP, you can get these 4 products for $1.00 each, today only.

Doodle Collection 18

Sketch Template Collection 10 (Playing with Circles)

Sketch Template Collection 4

Lil' Miss Happy (Bits & Pieces)

Thank you very very much for visiting my blog.

Have a great day to all!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

May GGI $1.00 & Mother's Day FREEBIE!

It's May Gotta Grab It event at Gottapixel & here are my 4 items $1.00 each

from May 8, 9, 10 & 11

Celebrate your special day with my newest digital scrapbook kit.
Don't miss to get this kit for a special price!

Special Day Paper Pack
available at Gottapixel

Special Day Element Pack

available at Gottapixel

Special Day Cluster Overlays & Wordarts

available at Gottapixel

Sketch Template Collection 17
available at Gottapixel

Find some inspirations from these wonderful pages. Mix and match the patterned papers and use photo blending for a lovely scrapbook page.

Perfect Day by Me

layout by Joy
Special Day by me
layout by Gwacie
layout by Joy
layout by Benita
Special Day Kit & Sketch Template C17 will be available on my other stores soon


I made a second Mother's Day special freebie. You can put your mother's favorite photo, add some message and give it as a gift.

download here

Happy Mother's Day to all! Enjoy your day :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Sneak Peek, Special Coupon & a FREEBIE!

Good day to all :)
I've completed another kit, here's the Sneak Peek of my new designs.
They will be available on May 8, 2010
Be sure to check my blog again to see the full previews of my new products, special discount and freebie :)


Here's another special coupon from one of my kits, If you missed this last iNSD, here's your chance to get the Space Fun Bundle on sale 40% OFF till May 10, 2010
this coupon is available at PBP & GP



While I'm in the front of my laptop, I'm thinking what gift I'll make for mother's day. I just thought of giving a personalized wallpaper for all the mothers who have iPhone. Just download the freebie, insert your favorite photo and transfer into your phones.

download here

I'm also in the SDK Designer's Spotlight, all my products are 40% OFF.

Advanced Happy Mother's Day

Have a great day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

iNSD Last Day Sale & a Cute FREEBIE!

Happy Monday to all!

How's your iNSD? I did some shopping, found some nice digital kit freebies, made some layouts and I even joined one blog challenge with one of my favorite designer. Crossing my fingers to win :)

Thanks to all who downloaded my GP Blog Train part, this will be the last day. Don't miss the chance after this day I will disable the link.

Total of downloads 04/03/10 - 1,215

It's the last day sale of my products in my 2 stores. All my products are still in 40% OFF (PU & CU) at Pickleberrypop & Gottapixel

These are my latest commercial use products in stores

Announcement of Winners

Space Bundle DST RAK thread

Thanks to all who joined this RAK thread


you can find some of my exclusive kits in this store

And here's my SUPA DIGI KIT for May, the mini kit is coordinated with my Space Fun Kit. Had fun doing it, I even experimented with a real handrawn rocket ship. I hope you like it. This freebie is only available for the whole Month of May

download here


I'll be announcing soon the (2) two lucky winners of $5.00 coupon from my collections. I already picked one suggestion kit theme, I will contact the person who suggested as soon as I finished the kit.

I also have an upcoming kit....I'll post the Sneak Peek soon :)
Have a great day!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

New CU Products, iNSD Sale & a CU FREEBIE!

Happy iNSD to all!
I have new commercial use products in stores. All my products are on sale
& I'm in the Designer Spotlight of SDK the whole month of May.

Sketch Template Collection 16 (PU/CU & S4H)

available at PBP, GP & SDK

Doodles Collection 24

CU doodle swirls & shapes
8 pcs. thick linearts, 8 pcs. thin linearts, 8 pcs. swirl shapes and bonus gift 8 pcs. colored doodle swirls made in 300dpi in PNG format

available at PBP, GP & SDK

Bonus Gift of 8 pcs. colored doodle swirls

Patterned Overlays Collection 10 (CU)
available at PBP, GP & SDK

sample papers not included

PBP Special Collaboration kit promo

PBP store in now 40% OFF (all products)



download here


iNSD Special Gift

Have a great day!