Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My 2nd DST RAK!

It's my 2nd time to RAK at DST! Don't miss it...come and join the fun!



Sample Layouts

YUNA BEE layout by Armina

She's very generous to share this wonderful template. Visit her blog & don't forget to leave some love.

Other samples

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Play & Fly Kit Color Scheme & 1st template freebie

Play & Fly Kit Color scheme. I made the freebie kit to a full kit. Lots of additional cute embellishments and papers for your scrapbook pages.

This will surely a fun kit!



GROUP - layout by me


TOYS - layout by me

from "Little Miss Cute Kit"

It's my 1st time to post a freebie template. I would love to see your layout using this template. You can add some more elements with this.

And if you use any of my store purchased product kits to design this sketch template, you'll have the chance to pick 1 set of any of my brag books or Quickpages at the store for FREE. (no due date yet)

3 WINNERS - The first three to submit a layout

Download here

Just submit a layout to

Happy Scrapping!



BABY-BLUES by Gwacie (GT)

Papers & elements from "Gentle Moods Kit"


Papers & elements from "Lil Ladybug Kit"

Layout from Deb

Friday, May 23, 2008

Flores De Mayo - June 25, 2008

Little Princess - layout by me
Papers & Elements from my "Bee Happy Kit"

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Angel of Mine Kit

Angel of Mine Kit

My 3rd kit for the month of May. This is a very special kit. Another style from my digital designs. More realistic. And I even included my favorite figurine angel.

BONUS 1pc. 12 x 12 Quickpage included

Available at Scrappindigikreations, Scrapladies & Designs In Digitals

The pack contains

- 7 papers, 12 x 12, 300dpi
- 1 set Alpha (26 pcs. upper case only)
- 3 circular frames with design (2 glittered style)
- 3 paper frames
- 2 glittered borders
- 1 acryllic bracket frame
- 1 paper frame with ribbon
- 2 flowers
- 3 buttons
- 3 journals
- 2 ribbons (2 colors)
- 3 tags
- 2 clouds (1 with drop shadow)
- 1 tag with string
- 1 rain stars embelish
- 1 staple
- 1 paper strip
- 1 flower border
- 3 wordarts
- 1 wordart border

* Special thanks to Kim Smith, Rita Massela,
lsdsdesigns, Bianca GuimarĂ£es & Pri Rocha
* all elements are in 300dpi
* some elements have drop shadows

Additional papers and embelishments.

Available soon at Scrappindigikreations, Scrapladies & Designs In Digitals

The pack contains
- 5 papers 12 x 12, 300dpi- 3 papers bracket frames- 2 acrylic angels- 1 doodle frame- 1 paper angel wing- 1 paper cloud- 1 cloud outline- 1 tag with string & embelish- 1 ribbon- 1 deco item- 1 flower embelish- 1 torn paper- 1 bow


Available at Scrappindigikreations, Scrapladies & Designs In Digitals

The pack contains

- 26 pcs. engraved in glass alpha, upper case only, 0 to 9 numbers engraved, all 300dpi in PNG format plus free deco items.


Mommy Loves You...

Papers & elements from Angel of Mine kit

additional credit - template by by AlanePan

My Little Angel



Angel of Mine Brag book Freebie - 1 pc. 6 x 4, 300dpi in PNG format

Download here

Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you like my special freebie.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rak'ed by JANAM (2nd time)

I'm having fun joining DST RAK forum...It's my 5th time to win a free product from very creative designers. Another kit from JanaM. CT-Jaime. Thanks again JanaM.

Cute girls layout by me

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Do you believe in Angels?

This is the theme of my 3rd kit . Watch out for this...a different style.

Image Hosted by

Thanks for visiting my blog!

RAK'ed by Rachel's Designs

Little Girls
Layout by me
Additional credit - butterfly by JanaM

This is my 4th time to have a free kit from DST RAK forum. This is from Rachel's Designs, Junifer Forest, a very cute kit. Thanks Rachel!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Reasons to celebrate!

Click here or the image to go to the shop

Reasons to celebrate...

Scrappindigikreations store is back on business.
(Some of my products are still on sale)

It's my 3rd month anniversary on Scrapladies
(25% - 30% SALE)

Designs In Digitals Designers officially announced at DST
(A special EVENT is out for this!)


A special request kit. I might turn this to a full kit.
Number of downloads - 415
Link expired...
Thanks for all the wonderful comments.


These two lovely ladies made a beautiful layout from my Play & Fly Freebie Kit.

Thanks a lot!

TRUST by sis Gwacie (GT)

credits: Play and Fly Minikit by LorieM ; swirl and tag from Summer Breeze Add-On by Jill D-zines ; fall leaves 2 (yellow) from The Leaf Curled Edge 6 by Nicole Kaltenecker ; skeleton leaf (orange) by kjoistudios ; amor overlay by Digital Pinay (Faith Navasca) ; stitches from Welcome to KJoiStudios Minikit by Scrappassie Design

Layout by Sis Hanae (GT)

Designs In Digitals

Designs In Digitals officially announced the new designers at Digishoptalk
Click here to visit my store

Image Hosted by

Watch out for this event!

Sunday, May 18, 2008



Tagged by Lemonandmint. Thanks Sis Tracy!

*For the month of May
- Need to complete my bank requirements and submit as soon as possible.
- To enroll my DD for nursery & buy her things. (Mommy is very excited)
- To look for a gown, shoes & design for my DD (Flores de Mayo)
- Need to back up my designs & organize my files. ASAP.
- Complete uploading my new products to 3 shops.
- Start my July DID collab kit
- Finish my DID starter kit
- Complete uploading my products at DID store
- Complete my 3rd kit for the month of May (different style)
- Start SDK collab kit for the month of June
- Start my own commercial use products
- Look for good materials for my designs / shop also for some commercial use items I needed.
- Make inventory sales of my products (how I wish I could complete this)
- I've started dieting...have to schedule daily exercises.

...and many more..

Another Tagged form sis Tracy

1. I don’t eat…but I eat.
I don’t eat Amplaya but I like the Ginisang Amplaya with egg recipe. (Ampalaya excluded)

2. I’m a water and tea person.
I only drink softdrinks if it is included in the food value pack.

3.I learned things differently.
I read informative books starting from the last page.

4.I love sleeping.
I love sleeping but only for the required hours of sleeping time.

5. I’m very patience.
I think that’s one of my best trait. Ask my!

6. I persist.
When I know I'm in the right position.

7. I’m high tech when it comes to cellphone.
One tool that help me with my designing, documents & a way of capturing my DD's growing & happy moments (photo & video).
I watch movies with my phone, listen songs and our way of communicating with my husband.
It's a special gift from my husband.

still thinking who will I tag...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DST Online Product Catalogue

Click here to see all my products
or click the DST image

2nd Kit for the Month of May - Little Miss Cute Kit

Something cute...something pretty...This is my newest kit, 2nd for the month of May. Lovely color combinations for those cute little girls. Flowers, ribbons, frames & pins included to add spice to your scrapbook pages.

Available at

The cute pack contains
- 10 papers (solid & patterned), 12x12, 300dpi, JPEG format
- 2 doodle frames
- 3 fabric frames
- 1 scalloped round frame
- 1 frame with embelish
- 5 wordarts
- 2 scalloped fabric mats
- 3 ribbons with buttons
- 2 buttons
- 1 deco paper
- 1 deco paper border
- 1 flower cluster buttons
- 3 flower clips
- 3 flowers
- 3 doodle flowers
- 2 doodle mat
- 3 glittered doodles
- 3 paper journals
- 2 tags
- 1 confetti overlay
- 1 torn paper
- 3 straight ribbons
- 1 ricrac
- 1 staple

* all elements in 300dpi, PNG format
* drop shadows for product preview only
* For commercial use items, thanks to Rachel Scutt,
Pri Rocha, Carla - MeuScraps & Faith True




Available at Scrappindigikreations, Scrapladies

& Designs In Digitals




- 2 cute flower borders & 2 layered edges
Designs In Digitals



Designs In digitals

Papers & elements from Little Miss Cute




I made the journal note to a cluster frame for this freebie. Hope you all like it.

Download here

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Rak'ed by Natalie Bird

May is really my lucky month. Natalie Bird RAK'ed me with her May grab bag.
Full of wonderful goodies. I'll soon post a layout from this bag. Love it, thanks Natalie!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Color Swatch for my Newest Kit

This is the color scheme of my newest kit. Something cute...something pretty....

RAK'ed by Erin Keith

It's my second time to be RAK'ed from DST. The Sunbeamin Kit is from Erin Keith, although I had trouble downloading her files from her store, Erin personally helped me. Thanks a lot fo the chance to play with this fun kit from your collections.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

click the image

Happy Mother's Day! Here's a little gift to all...a 6 x 4 brag book from my
"A Gift for Mom Mini Kit" the kit & QP is ON SALE visit my shops.

Friday, May 9, 2008

SDK New Shop is OPEN! and A FREE kit!

Visit the store to get this "Lily May Kit" for FREE! For the month of May only. Check our "ON THE HOUSE" and see other freebies from SDK designers.

Additional Lil Ladybugs Layouts


These 2 cute layouts were made by sis Gel (poohgirlmd)
from the "Lil Ladybug Kit"
Thanks a lot!