Sunday, May 18, 2008



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*For the month of May
- Need to complete my bank requirements and submit as soon as possible.
- To enroll my DD for nursery & buy her things. (Mommy is very excited)
- To look for a gown, shoes & design for my DD (Flores de Mayo)
- Need to back up my designs & organize my files. ASAP.
- Complete uploading my new products to 3 shops.
- Start my July DID collab kit
- Finish my DID starter kit
- Complete uploading my products at DID store
- Complete my 3rd kit for the month of May (different style)
- Start SDK collab kit for the month of June
- Start my own commercial use products
- Look for good materials for my designs / shop also for some commercial use items I needed.
- Make inventory sales of my products (how I wish I could complete this)
- I've started dieting...have to schedule daily exercises.

...and many more..

Another Tagged form sis Tracy

1. I don’t eat…but I eat.
I don’t eat Amplaya but I like the Ginisang Amplaya with egg recipe. (Ampalaya excluded)

2. I’m a water and tea person.
I only drink softdrinks if it is included in the food value pack.

3.I learned things differently.
I read informative books starting from the last page.

4.I love sleeping.
I love sleeping but only for the required hours of sleeping time.

5. I’m very patience.
I think that’s one of my best trait. Ask my!

6. I persist.
When I know I'm in the right position.

7. I’m high tech when it comes to cellphone.
One tool that help me with my designing, documents & a way of capturing my DD's growing & happy moments (photo & video).
I watch movies with my phone, listen songs and our way of communicating with my husband.
It's a special gift from my husband.

still thinking who will I tag...

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