Friday, December 22, 2017

Last Day Sale, Winter Wonderland $1.00 Each

Hi to all
Just a quick reminder, this is the last day sale for my December Pickle Barrel products.
Don't miss the chance to grab this cute collection
Winter Wonderland 6 Pack + FWP, $6.00 only
$1.00 individual packs
special offer till Dec. 22 only
Purchase any of my PB products and you'll get an extra gift template, will send to your e-mail
Please allow 2-3 days in sending this free item. 
I already sent the 1st batch, if you want to receive it earlier you can e-mail me and attach the invoice from PBP or if you didn't receive an e-mail me regarding with this extra gift but you purchased a PB product.


Have a great weekend

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