Friday, January 18, 2013

Lil' Treasures, Lil' Moments, $1.00 Each Pack & FREEBIE

Good day to all :)
Let's start the year with good and beautiful things.
Here's my newest collection for January Pickle Barrel event at Pickleberrypop.

Lil' Treasures, Lil' Moments Collection
$1.00 each pack till January 21 only

Got the inspirations from my family and friends, those simple little moments with our kids, hubby, relatives and friends. 
How we treasured every quality time we spent, those little sweet smiles from our children and the soft giggles they showed us. 

I also have a "FREE WITH PURCHASE" offer, 
just buy this lovely collection and get the new  
Digital Stamps (7th pack) for FREE
(3 styles included)

*coupon code for the Digital Stamps will send thru e-mails, allow 2-3 days in sending. 

Lil' Treasures, Lil' Moments Element Pack
(not yet available in store)

 Digital Stamps Detail

Lil' Treasures, Lil' Moments Element Pack


paper preview

Lil' Treasures, Lil' Moments Alpha and Numbers
(letters, numbers and symbols are originally handrawn by me)


by Lorie

by Dolly (PBP CT)

by Gwacie

 by Lorie

by Gelen

by Shauna (PBP CT)

by Gelen

by Lorie

Spend $12 or more during the Pickle Barrel event and you'll get this lovely bonus kit from the PBP Designers.


download here

Have a great day :) 

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