Thursday, March 11, 2010

Special Day & Special FREEBIE Kit!

Hit to all!
It's my daughter's 5th birthday today.

She's really a blessing to us, It's her special day and I'll be giving away this lovely kit.

Just join the Pixel Club Membership at Gottapixel

you can also visit this link

sample layout

I Love You


available on March 13, 2010

We had a great day celebrating my daughter's birthday in her school.

Thank for visiting!


Carol B said...

Happy birthday Lorie's daughter

Lorie M Designs said...

Thank you very much Carol B.

Rebecca said...

I hope your little girl has a fantastic birthday!!! The sneak peeks look fabulous!!!

Lorie M Designs said...

Hi Rebecca, she had fun celebrating her birthday in her school. Thanks a lot for the comments ladies :)

Crystal said...

Beautiful kit!

Legacy Leaver said...

Awww! She's so cute! Congrats on another year with your baby girl!