Friday, January 12, 2018

2018 Bonus Coupon & New Freebie

Hi everyone, 
If you missed my post regarding my 2017 blog freebies, 
here's your chance to get them. 
Most of them are still available to download. 
They will be available till January 16, 2018.
I'll be deleting them so that I could upload new freebies for this year.
Just scroll down to get the download links

Thank you very much for all the customers who purchased some of my products and also to my blog follower and FB Fan Page Followers.
And thanks to those who post on the comment box in my dropbox, those who send me a message on my e-mail and those who post some comments on this blog. Really appreciated them.

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I also have a BONUS COUPON,
 use this code to save $2.00 if you purchase at least $5.00 in my PBP shop.
this coupon will be available till Jan. 14 only


Watch out for my new products for the year 2018


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the New Year freebie. I don't see a link for the 2017 freebies.

Lynden Blossom said...

Thank You - but wanted to let you know that none of the 2017 items are Linked to be able to DL them... FYI -

Sara Legler said...

Same issue, no links to the 2017 freebies.

Lorie M Designs said...

You can find the links for the freebies from my blog post from January 2017.
Thanks for the message