Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Inspired By Love $1.00 + FWP + Freebie

Hi everyone

 June Pickle Barrel is now open
I have 3 packs for this month, 
Inspired By Love element pack, paper pack and wordart pack. 
$1.00 individual packs
I have 2 FWP offer for this month, if you purchase at least (1) one of the individual packs you'll receive a cute set of flairs and if purchase the 3 packs you'll receive a lovely set of paint overlays (4 pcs., colored, black and white included)

Inspired By Love Element Pack
$1.00 (limited time)

Inspired By Love Paper Pack
$1.00 (limited time)

Inspired By Love Wordarts / Digital Stamps
$1.00 (limited time)

Purchase the Inspired By Love individual packs (3 packs) 
and get this lovely set of paint overlays for FREE

Download link for this FWP offer will send thru e-mail 

I really love the color scheme of this month that's why I made this cute flairs coordinated with the June Pickle Barrel Packs. 
If you purchase any of the 3 packs ( $1.00 individual packs) 
you'll get this for FREE

download link will send thru e-mail


by Lorie

by Janice Phillips (PBP CT)

by alannabanana (PBP CT)

by Lorie


download here 

Have a great day

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