Friday, May 20, 2016

Love & Laughter Collection, $1.00 Each, 6 Pack + FWP & Freebie

Love and Laughter 6 Pack + FWP
$6.00 only with bonus mini kit (add on)


by Lorie

by Bright Eyes (PBP CT)

by Zanthia (PBP CT)

by emily.stitches.33 (PBP CT)

by Lorie

by Scrapdolly (PBP CT)

by Azeline (PBP CT)

I missed doing bragbooks,  
I made some of these for my eldest daughter when she was still a baby.

download here

note : If you purchased any of my products during the iNSD event and didn't receive the bonus "Mother's Day" mini kit please e-mail me at with a subject "iNSD FWP" and attach a screen copy of your PBP receipt, I'll send the download link as soon as possible.
Promo dates of May 5 to 10 only

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