Friday, January 4, 2013

New CU Doodle Paisley #1 & Add On 30% OFF

Hello to all :)

It's nice to start the year with some products originally made by me
I'm aiming to make more CU products this year :) 
This includes, doodles, borders, shapes, stamps, 
patterned overlays and cu sketch templates.

Here's my newest commercial use product.

30% OFF till January 8, 2013

Paisley details, thick line arts and stitch style (dash lines)

paisley colored samples

30% OFF till January 8, 2013

Paper preview
visit this link LorieM Designs

Yesterday, (January 3) we celebrated our 9 years wedding anniversary, we had a great time with our River Cruise, it's very relaxing and a very new experience with me and my family, to celebrate this I'm giving 2 lucky winners the chance to pick the product you want to win from my collections

You can browse my products at Pickleberrypop store.

Announcement of winners on January 7, 2013 

You can still join, just visit my fan page and leave a comment.

Happy weekend to all :)

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