Friday, October 21, 2011

New Commercial Use Products 30% OFF

Good day to all.
Happy weekend everyone. Have fun with your family and friends :)
Today we're planning to watch a movie "HOP" in my daughter's school. That's a very cute movie :)
Sunday, we'll be attending a birthday, my daughter is very excited because it's a swimming party.
Time to relax a little bit with family and friends.

I've been busy with some new commercial use items.
Got 3 new CU products in stores.
30% OFF till October 27, 2011

CU Flairs / Brads Collection 1
available at PBP & GP

Sketch Templates Collection 31 (PU/CU/S4H USE)
available at PBP & GP

Sketch Templates Collection 32 (PU/CU/S4H USE)
available at PBP & GP

Photography Corner

I had a chance to play again with my iphone, got this dandelion while my daughter and I are going to school. Experimented the shot using Camera + application, little zoom for the subject and use the Black & White effect.

Happy weekend :)

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