Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where Love Resides Collection @ PBP 25% OFF, coupon & FB FREEBIE!

Hello everyone, how's your Valentine's day? Hope you all have great day :)
We had a pre-Valentine's date with my loving husband and sweet daughter. I really enjoyed that date, it's a simple but memorable one. :)

Good news!

Where Love Resides Collection is now available at Pickleberrypop. 25% OFF till February 21, 2011

I have a special coupon code for my blog visitors, blog followers and newsletter subscribers.

use this code for additional 10% OFF for the Where Love Resides Kit

code: LorieM_wlr10off
expiration date: February 19, 2011

this code is available for Pickleberrypop only

Where Love Resides Kit

Sketch Templates Collection 21 (PU/CU)


LorieM Designs Fan Page
click this link to download the freebie

I almost forgot my Facebook FAN PAGE, I made this special freebie for my FB fan page, just click the link and the "Like" button to download the sketch template freebie.


cheryl said...

you fb fan page link takes me to my fb page. is that weird? lol

Shayna said...

I'm having the same problem that Cheryl is having, Lorie. Clicking on the link takes me to my FB page :(

Lorie M Designs said...

oh sorry ladies...will try to fix the link. I'm new with the FB fan page :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know why some designers are using Facebook to share their freebies. I am not on face book and won't be for many reason and I am sad to think the freebies aren't offered like usualy free without having to be on facebook. Sorry but I had to tell you that I don't understand why ?
Thanks for reading.

Londa said...

Your freebie looks great, but...I'm not on facebook. My husband the IT guy says it's too dangerous and so I can't do facebook. I see that a lot of designers are also using it to get freebies, so that leaves me out.

Sheila Irish said...

I am looking for the Facebook Fan "Like" Button on your Blog Post, but do not see it....Would LOVE this template BUT I do not like to add people to my Facebook Page "As Friends" that I do not know personally....Sorry....:(

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else. Don't like to add people I don't know and don't like that I must have Facebook for a fr eebie.

Lorie M Designs said...

Thanks for all the comments.
The freebie link is now available in my newest post. Feel free to download it.

To all those who added me as a friend. Thank you very very much.
One purpose of this is for people to get updates on my products if they have FB account.

Can't figure out my Fan page so I prefer to update my Facebook page (personal)

Shuckclod said...

I just got mine. Thank you. It went to my page also, I already like you, so I went down a few people and there was the template. Click on like and then there was the link. I am ok with the facebook and twitter stuff. Anything to help keep the pirates away...

Jill P said...

it takes me to my facebook page , can't find yours.