Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pixel Day $1.00-$2.00 PU/CU & Blog RAK Winners!

Good day to all! Happy Tuesday!
My family had great blessings last weekend and really grateful about it.
And my darling daughter had an award in school yesterday. :)
We had fun attending a swimming birthday party last Sunday.
I've been the party photographer and had a great time taking photos of the happy people attended the party. I forgot to include myself. lol!
Just sharing one of photos of the cute Diego and Dora cake :)

It's Pixel Day at Gottapixel. I have products (CU/PU) in store. Great deal for $1.00-$2.00. One day sale only

A little update on me....I'm finishing 2 lovely kits, I'm working with one of the GP designers too :). And will be starting with some new CU items for March. Watch out for my newest sneak peek this week and I'll be posting another special coupon.

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Peggy said...

Thanks, Lorie! It's a beautiful kit.