Friday, December 19, 2008

New Blog Design & Fan Blinkie!

Wow! It's my first time to changed my blog design using my newest kit
"Angel's Touch"
with the help of Allison. Check her blog to see her creations.
I'll be updating the site...there are still things to modify.
Thanks again Allison!

And I have my 1st FAN BLINKIE made by Yvonne.
Feel free to copy my Fan Blinkie.
Fan blinkie01
Thanks again Yvonne!


Allison Evans Brown said...

HEY! Thanks for writing me!

Your blog looks great! I totally love the daisies. They're adorable!

I'm glad you got it to work and I'm sorry that the tutorial didn't.

Let me know if you need anything else! Your blog is gorgeous and very fun!

ARMINA said...

love the new look :)