Monday, April 7, 2008

New Combo Pack and tagged by lliella

I was tagged by another creative designer Lliella.
Here are my answers:
1. Four jobs I have held:
♠ worked for 10 yrs as CAD operator in an A/C company (Metro Manila)
♠ work as a online layout artist in a printing press from New Jersey
♠ work as a digital scrapbook designer (present)
♠ and a SHAM with my 3 years old loving daughter.
2. Four movies I could watch over and over:
♠ City of Angels
♠ Barbie Movies watching with my child
♠ Filipino Comedy Movies
♠ Comedy Movies
3. Three places I have lived:
♠ Laguna
♠ Bulacan
♠ Manila
4. Four TV shows I like:
♠ Charmed
♠ Smallville
♠ American Idol
♠ Filipino Local Channels
5. Four people who email me regularly:
♠ -
6. Four favorite foods:
♠ Kare-kare
♠ Spaghetti
♠ Relyenong Bangus
♠ Pizza
7. Four places I’d rather be:
♠ Laguna
♠ Baguio
- Australia - where my husband is working presently
8. Four people I’m tagging:♠ GwacieYvelleTracyGelen
This is my 1st time to design and post an ALPHA product. It's a baby pin ALPHA for "Bundle of Joy 2 Kit .
And you can have fun adding some little deco items included in the pack.

Bundle of Joy 2 ALPHA Combo Pack
2 sets of Alpha 26 pcs each colors
2 colors - baby pink and baby blue
1.5 x 2.0 inches, 450 x 629 pixels, 300dpi in PNG format
Free Little Deco items

Bundle of Joy 2 Kit and Alpha Combo Pack

Available at Scrapladies & Scrappindigikreations


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