Monday, March 24, 2008

Birthday Sale Ads

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notepaper by ksharonk
I'll be celebrating my birthday on March 24 (tomorrow)...another year for me. I'm very thankful with every single blessings I'm receiving from the smallest to the biggest as having my own family.
This is one way of celebrating my special day to all, a SALE at SDK STORE.

Be back on March 24 there might be another surprise from me...I'll be the one who will give a special gift to those who like my designs and constantly visiting my blog.



Jen said...

Happy Birthday!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Thanks for the great sale :) I'll definitely be back tomorrow, to see the surprise :)

verabear said...

Happy birthday Lorie! :)

Anonymous said...

happy happy birthday sis. :)

Terry said...

Sorry I missed the Easter download. I thought it was supposed to be up through the 25th, but I guess you must be a day ahead of the U.S. It was very pretty in the preview. Thank you for sharing your talents.